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Sell FORD 9" inch 3.00 3rd MEMBER REAR END ID TAG MUSTANG BOSS 302,351. Ford 9 inch 2.75 open rear end id tag mustang Ford 9 inch 3.70 rear end open differential id tag f100 Rear ford inch differential f100 end. Basic id ford 9 inch, rear, 8 inch rear end,carrier, center section.

Ford 7.5-Inch and 8.8-Inch Axle Visual Identification: Both axles use (10) bolts to hold on the cover, but there is an obvious difference in their shape. Ford 7.5-Inch rear axle above – Ford 8.8-Inch rear axle below.The rearend tips and FAQ's are divided into three sections: 9-inch, 8.8 rear and Ford Axle Identification sections. More information is included with the 9-inch and 8.8 videos. 9-Inch Rear. General 9" rear end info 1. Most trucks have equal length axle shafts. Cars normally have unequal length shafts with the shorter axle used on the left. 2.

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Ford Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Page 05: NOTE: Axle tag location and appearance may vary by application. Code Application Ring Gear And Pinion NL or L Axle Shaft Splines Additional Information; Ratio: Diameter of RG: WDY-A, A1: Comet '66-69 Fairlane '66-70 Falcon '66-70 Montego '70-74 Torino, '71-'74: 3.00: 8 in: NL: 28-from Brisbane Australia. Looks to be a wider Galaxie rear end with trailing arm suspension. There will be a date casting on front of case. Standard case C4AW-4025-C fitted to Mustangs, Galaxies, Thunderbirds, Fairlanes and Torinos. Post 66 9" had the central hump and 2 x dimples in rear cover.The Polestar 4 comes with a bold design choice to completely remove the rear-view window. Drivers will rely on a camera alone for reversing. Polestar introduced the Polestar 4, the...Note: The lengths stated are for a complete axle from brake drum to brake drum. For 64-73 Mustangs subtract 5 inches to get the bare axle housing width. 65-66 Mustang. 57.25 inches. 67-70 Mustang. 59.25 inches. 71-73 Mustang. 61.25 inches. 77-81 Versailles.

Humble Roots, Hardcore Construction. The Ford 9 inch rear end (named after the outside diameter of its ring gear) was intended to serve as the backbone for the brand's full-size sedans and trucks starting at the end of the 1950s. It was a semi-floating design (supporting the weight of the vehicle on the axles themselves) making use of a banjo ...The Ford 8.8-inch is basically a 7.5 with a larger ring gear. The only way to distinguish it from the smaller unit is to look at the vehicle it's under or inspect the housing for identifying numbers.Ford nine inch differential cases +. vertical ribs and no "N" Standard'tase C. Case m arkînìv MJ29h3 case No tiller plug in rósing. N Date Note two vertical ribs and "N" N cases prior to 1969 did not have the arking arking, With fill plug sung number buas C4AúU-AB. Standard g" Case CIA)V-E Note single vertical rib and til Case.60-63 falcon - tiny six cylinder rear end, four lug. 63 v8 8" rear end five lug - collectable since it fits the 60-63 cars. desierable for v8 conversions. since you don't have to mess with moving the spring perches. 64 v8 five lug - don't know off hand but i bet they're 8". oh, and if it is a v8 the frame mounts and intermediate mounts that go ...1965-66 Mustang 8 inch rear end identification question. I'm doing a six cylinder conversion on a 1965 Mustang. The front end components and everything is done. I purchased a rear axle and third member from Melvin's Classic Ford Parts. I know that the rear end has a 2.80 gear ratio because I counted the ring gear teeth and the pinion gear teeth ...

Then remove the brakes, Ford 9 inch axles, and measure and record the overall length of the rear axle from outside-of-bearing-end to outside-of-bearing-end. You can then cut off the original bearing ends. After the ends are cut off, weld any brackets that attach to the axle tubes for the shocks, ladder bar brackets, or any other rear suspension ...as for the 8", it can handle decent power in stock form, about 300 on street tires. with a few easy and inexpensive mods it can handle about 400 on street tires, and as much as 375 on slicks, even dropping the clutch at 5000 rpm. but realize that there are a limited number of those high rpm clutch drops in the rear end regardless of how much ...The 8.8" is flat on the top, bottom, and sides. If it's from a V6, its a 7.5" rear. The 8.8" rear was only in V8s, and only after '85. Fox beat me to it. The 7.5 is flat on the top and bottom, the 8.8 is almost like a rounded square. The pictures really show the difference. And I'll change the title to "7.5". ….

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Nov 3, 2023 · The rear end of the Ford F150 is an integral part of the vehicle’s structure, functioning as the backbone that houses essential components such as the rear differential, axles, driveshaft, and various suspension parts. Essentially, it forms the support mechanism that links the vehicle’s chassis to the road, transmitting power from the ... 2015 - 2020 Ford F150 - 8.8 Super vs 9.75 Rear Axle Question - After lurking around this forum for a while, I'm hoping to leverage some of the collective knowledge here regarding 2015 and later rear end axle differences. I currently have the opportunity to purchase a 2018 F-150 SuperCrew 3.5l Ecoboost 6.5' bed with...

Feb 19, 2016 · It’s worth noting that rear axles can sometimes be positively identified by a casting number and date stamped on the differential cover or axle tube. However, road debris, dirt, grime, and general age can obscure these numbers. Fortunately, you can tell a lot about a rear axle by its shape and number of bolts on the differential housing. Ford Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Page 09: NOTE: Axle tag location and appearance may vary by application. Code Application Ring Gear And Pinion NL or L Axle Shaft Splines Additional Information; Ratio: Diameter of RG: WGA-A: Lincoln Mark Series '69-'71 Thunderbird '69-70: 2.80: 9 3/8: NL: 31-WGA-B:

little caesars on new cut I rebuilt my 8" myself. It was the first rear end that I have ever completely rebuilt. Before that, the only experience I had with axles was swapping out the 2 differentials in my truck for air lockers - neither of those required a new gear set, so all I had to worry about was shimming for backlash.For reference, the Ford car spring (PN E0AZ-4214-A) has a free height of approximately 1.510 inches and a Ford Racing truck or heavy-duty version (PN F3TZ-4214-A) is approximately 1.765 inches. The car unit was used from 1985 to 2000 while the truck version was originally used in the 1999 Cobra and all 2000-and-up V-8 Mustangs. fred's food club rocky mount north carolinahavana rouge havanese Ford Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Page 02: NOTE: Axle tag location and appearance may vary by application. Code Application Ring Gear And Pinion NL or L Axle Shaft Splines Additional Information; Ratio: Diameter of RG: WCN-M: Ford Pass '63: 4.11: 8 3/4 in: NL-Damper Type Flange: WCN-P: Ford Pass '63: 3.50: 8 3/4 in: NL-Damper … jet blue 606 301, 4001, 9, axle, c3ta, end, ford, formula, fourms, id, identification, numbers, rear, tag, trucks. 1948 - 1956 F1, F100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - 9" rear end axle tag identification - hi all new to the forum thing but i can not find anything anywhere on this code. if someone could please help. C3TA 4001 B 301 3 89 2HE That is what i could ... license plate agency eden ncfamily dollar hallstead paswoop ponytail with straight hair This means that new spring perches need to be welded on top of the Explorer's 8.8-inch axle, and they have to be spaced and angled to match your application. However, the Ford Ranger FX4 8.8-inch axle is a bolt in swap. But not all Ford Ranger FX4's have the 31-spline rear axles. From 2003-2007, ford offered (2) versions of the Ford Ranger FX4: can dogs smell thc carts A few ways to tell a the difference between a Ford 9" rear end and a Ford 8" rear end. The main way to tell is the 3rd member is flat on top on a Ford 8 inc...Fits all 8.8-inch axles 1986-2004 except IRS. Kit includes: pinion and carrier shims, crush sleeve, pinion seal, pinion nut, ring gear bolts. Contains all components from M-4210-A plus all differential bearings. Contains all components from M-4210-B2 plus 8.8" AXLE BEARING AND SEAL KIT M-1225-B. how do you take off subtitles on directvhow to program my optimum remote controlmillbranch wings and more Ford Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Page 13. NOTE: Axle tag location and appearance may vary by application. Code. Application. Ring Gear And Pinion. NL. or. L. None of those numbers/letters are very helpful. However, being a 9" Ford rear end, it is safe to assume it is a '60s to early '70s era axle. First measure your drum inside diameter and width of the lining on the shoes. For example, 11" x 2" or whatever. If you go to the Rockauto.com website you can navigate your way into Ford vehicles ...